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Meadowlark is the title of the 10th album in this dynamic, smooth jazz genre from recording artist, musician and composer, Will Sumner. The title comes from a very special place, both on the planet and in the heart of Sumner and his family.


Meadowlark was the name of a beautiful, lush, working alfalfa farm located near the Yucca Loma Ranch in Apple Valley, CA in the 60's and 70's, owned by Will's grandmother, Mimi. The Yucca Loma Ranch was just a couple hours drive from the coast where his family spent many summer holidays throughout his childhood. Driving from the So Cal beach community up into the high desert was always an adventure, with many fond memories and some not so fond for Sumner.


A pivotal and life-changing summer in his teens of early mornings and hard, dirty work gave Will some of his best stories and a true appreciation for the beauty of the desert that he still treasures to this day. Will hopes this ode to his grandmother and to the magical place she shared with so many others will have true meaning for you as well in each and every tune. Meadowlark will be released in early 2023.

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Red Flag Day - Will Sumner

Reached Number 12 on the Smooth Jazz charts and moving up.

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